Little sister speech for sisters wedding

Little sister speech for sisters wedding

A wedding is undoubtedly a happy event in the life of a family; however, so that it does not turn into a headache, it is worth taking the advice of professionals. Today we will tell you how to organize a great wedding. Wedding chores can be enjoyable but can be a real nightmare. There are so many little things to consider! In what format the wedding will take place, where the celebration will take place, how many guests to invite, where to place them, which photographer/host/make-up artist to give preference to – this is just a small part of the issues that will be addressed to future newlyweds. Where to start and how to organize the whole process?

15 affairs before the wedding: step-by-step preparation instructions

Starting preparations for the wedding, you need to draw up a step-by-step instruction that structures the action plan, allows you not to miss anything, not get into debt, and as a result, enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

So, take a notebook and start making a plan of 15 points called “How to prepare for the wedding.”

1. The first item is the date of the wedding.

Based on it, you need to start “dancing.” Choosing a year is a challenging task because you need to take into account many nuances: from religious (fasting, holiday) to every day (to have time to make repairs, a restaurant for celebration is still under reconstruction). Especially if you plan to get married, the number of suitable dates will be reduced by at least half: the same post, for example. In general, before going to the registry office, select a few dates, because the required number can already be booked by the newlyweds, who arrived earlier. A fallback option will not let you get confused.

2. If there is only one registry office in your city, then this is easier.

Still, if there are several, then you can choose the one you like because it is not at all necessary to become attached to the one who “manages the marital status” in the residence of the groom or bride.

You also need to be equipped with a package of documents:

  • applicants passports;
  • identification codes (for payment of receipts);
  • receipt for payment of state duty and registry office services;
  • in case of re-marriage registration – documents confirming the termination of the previous marriage or its recognition as invalid.

Such documents may include:

  • divorce certificate
  • divorce
  • court ruling or registry office declaring a marriage invalid
  • death certificate of one of the spouses. 

3. Budget

In order to get into reality from dreams, you need to find out how much money your couple can spend on the celebration. At this stage, it will become clear whether local celebrities or world-class stars will entertain the guests, whether the bride can count on an outfit from Vera Wong or manage a dress at a more affordable price. 

4. List of guests

Having determined the budget, you need to make a list of guests. For a couple who allocated a little money for the wedding, you need to reduce the number of guests carefully. And if opportunities and desire allow you to throw a feast on the whole world, then you can sign an invitation even for a second cousin who saw you “like such a tiny girl, and when she only managed to grow up?”

5. Restaurant, country house, tent, ship…

So many options and just one wedding, just one budget. If you decide to celebrate the official marriage only together, it is easier to choose your favorite place where you can drink champagne, and in order to arrange guests and amuse them, you need to take into account many nuances.

6. This item is the most enjoyable for us girls.

Dress, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, and a million more little things to buy, sew, or rent. Men are less bothered about the suit and all the adjacent details of the dress code, but this does not mean that they do not need to be included in the list of critical pre-wedding affairs.

Separate subparagraphs for the bride should be:

  • dress;
  • veil;
  • shoes
  • linen;
  • hairstyle;
  • makeup;
  • manicure;
  • bouquet;
  • decorations.
  • For the groom:
  • costume;
  • shoes
  • tie / bow tie / neck scarf;
  • socks;
  • boutonniere.

7. Organization

There is a budget; a room has been selected; a guest list has been compiled, which means that it is time to take care of who will make the holiday unforgettable. Decide collectively – to put all the burdens of preparation on yourself or whether it is worth attracting an agency that will do this for you for about 30% of the total organizational budget.

If a good fairy or fairies appears in the life of future newlyweds, capable of taking on the role of a host, musician, manager, etc. (more often these are friends or relatives), then there will be much fewer worries, and if not, get ready for a couple with the future spend more than one day with her husband searching, interviewing and discussing details with hired presenters, musicians, photographers and camera operators, florists and artists.

8. Transport

The wedding procession is not only beautiful and status, but also costly. Cars, carriages, planes, and even bicycles should emphasize the overall style of the event and be thematic. Means of transportation are not cheap, so carefully consider how many guests you need to transport what transport you want to travel on your own.

If your lover has a car that he loves a little less than you, then he can safely sit in the usual driver’s seat, and you will keep him company. In the back seats, you can put a photographer or witnesses. It will be fun and memorable.

9. Split of responsibilities

Split of responsibilities

It does not hurt to entrust part of the duties to guests who are close to the bride and groom. Assign the bridesmaids, and let the future husband choose the best man and friends who will buy the bride, morally and can even physically support the altar and take the brunt of utilizing the entire contents of the glass that persistent guests want to drink in the company of unmarried guys.

10. Food

In the institution, which will be warmly welcomed on the wedding day, there is definitely an authorized person who knows how much food and drink needs to be ordered so that none of the guests leave hungry. But it’s better to try some dishes before including them on the holiday menu. By the way, do not forget to order a cake and loaf, so that it doesn’t work like Jolie and Pitt forget about the fact that the wedding cake will not come to visit if you do not call it.

11. Gratitude

Do not forget to think about how your family can thank the guests who sang and danced, creating an atmosphere of celebration and parents who did so much to make the wedding day just like that.

12. Bachelor party

Saying goodbye to an unmarried and bachelor life in the company of those who have been around all their turbulent youth and helped trample dance floors is a holy rule. Although after the wedding, friends will already be familiar, and you need to walk together for the last time in the status of free birds. And it’s better to plan a party so that you can prepare for it: choose a date, place and think over an action plan.

We advise you to schedule an event a week before the wedding. This is the best option. Then it will take place almost on the eve of the celebration, and there will be time to sleep well after a party. The main thing is not to say goodbye to the status of the enviable bride and groom so violently that the other half will be offended.

13. Wedding night

Where to spend the wedding night, you should think not after the guests start to disperse, but in advance. If visiting guests plan to occupy your shared apartment, then it is better to retire to some secluded place without prying eyes. The classic choice of Ukrainian couples is a country ranch or, conversely, a chic, expensive hotel in the city center.

14 . Are you planning to stretch the party for two days?

Oh, then the headache doubles. On the second day, there will be fewer guests, and they will all be already familiar, but do not think that this factor will help start the celebration on the thumb. The question of the venue of the second act, refreshments, and entertainment remains open.

15. The most enjoyable item is the honeymoon.

We also recommend planning it before the wedding, so that after the day of celebration you can pack your bags with a calm soul, and not go to a marathon by travel agencies. If you and your husband are going to spend your honeymoon abroad, then you should not worry because the other day you said goodbye to your maiden name, and this has not yet been recorded in the documents. The passport is valid with a marriage certificate. And you will change the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for a month.

Facts About Wedding Preparations You Did Not Know

Most brides before the wedding do not know what preparation for such a large-scale event is. Here are the things you better know in advance.


Yes, preparing in advance is convenient, but there are limits. Most often, a two-year preparation will no longer bring so much joy, and most importantly, the wait for that very day will be too long, and you will have time to change the original concept a hundred times. It is optimal to cook in 6-8 months, and sometimes you can stretch this period to a year.


Of course, if there are few guests, it will be easier to find a banquet hall of the right size. But most of the cases remain the same: choosing a dress, creating a menu, developing a concept and decoration, drawing up an entertainment program, selecting a cake. Sometimes a small celebration requires even more attention to detail from the couple.


And this is normal and correct. Of course, it will take a lot of time to read and sign, but on the wedding day and before, you will be calm that the necessary contractors will not fail, the work will be completed on time, etc.


All your friends, relatives and, of course, your parents will begin to share tips and ideas about how your wedding should be like. Yes, everyone will have their own opinion: the dress should be magnificent, roses are obligatory in the decor, you need to call all the guests to the registry office, like this, you will not have a salute? Take them calmly and take them merely as yet another manifestation of love and care. And at the same time, make decisions yourself.


And this is also normal! For those 3-6-10 months that you are preparing for the wedding, a considerable amount of tasks, information, ideas, questions, and answers will fall on you at once. Yes, ordinary life will go in parallel, but all your thoughts will be in preparation. Most importantly, try to discuss it only with those who are interested in it as much as you.


A flower arch at the ceremony, a magician meeting guests, a 10-tier cake, a slide of champagne, ribbons on chairs. At first, you will think that all this is essential. Do not make all decisions at once, because there are a million wedding proposals – it will still fail to realize them within the framework of one wedding. Choose the most exciting and close to your couple.


No matter how carefully you plan everything, anyway, in the process of preparation, something additional will appear. Guests, decor details, a dish on the menu – be prepared for this both morally and financially.


Yes, you dream that he was interested in everything in wedding preparations. But do not forget that he is a man, not your girlfriend. And if before that he did not feel delight from going to the flower shop with you, then why should now? Let’s be grateful to him that he is involved in the preparation, and we will not demand more.


Yes, you have chosen the menu for so long, approved, and tasted each dish. But on the wedding day, the head will be occupied by a completely different one, and it is quite possible, by the evening, you will understand that at your wedding you didn’t try anything at all. And the most interesting: you won’t even notice it because there will be so many events, emotions, experiences and joys on this day! Therefore, we advise you to try to eat at least in the morning to gain strength for the whole long and happy day.


Yes, in some ways your views will not converge, there will be disputes over some details of preparation that were important at that time. Or you’ll just be upset that the selected perfect restaurant is already booked for your date. Or you will be glad that here it is – that pretty dress! Emotion is good, so cry, rejoice, worry. The main thing is not to overdo it.


How many times before preparation did you discuss that inviting all relatives to a wedding that you have never seen in your life is stupid? But when it comes to the matter, denying her mother an invitation to her cousin will not be as easy as it seemed. Try not to follow the lead of your parents, refuse, but gently and accurately.


All the worries, disputes, doubts, even if something goes wrong on the wedding day itself – all this will be unimportant. Did you think that everyone would pay attention to the shade of the tablecloth? No, everyone will be focused on you and the groom.

Therefore, try to approach the preparation so that on the wedding day not to be tired. When this beautiful day arrives, you will forget about all the difficulties, and you will be just happy that you are now husband and wife! It’s time to celebrate this fact!

How to write a wedding vow

How to write a wedding vow

Talking about love can be difficult. Especially at such a crucial moment as a wedding ceremony. How to help yourself put your feelings into words – read in our article.

Find a source of inspiration in your beloved. Spend a weekend together doing what both of you like. Watch your favorite TV show or movie, listen to music together, discuss your favorite books, take a ride out of town, stay together only. Remember how your relationship began; tell each other how you felt on your first date. And you will not notice how inspiration comes. If you are one of those couples who speak quotes from your favorite books, you have your song, or you like to associate yourself with some star couples or movie heroes – be sure to include these features in your speech.

Stay alone with you. Spend a couple of days alone thinking about your relationship. Surround yourself with silence and immerse yourself in nostalgia. Visit your favorite places, view photos, find saved movie tickets, or cute things that remind you of the first days together. Ask yourself when you realized that you love this person, and write down the answer to the paper. This will mark the beginning of your oath. It’s better to start writing an oath beforehand so that you have enough time to think. The promise, written in a hurry, is unlikely to be as thought out and beautiful.

Talk with couples whose relationship you admire. Another source of inspiration. Especially if these people have already gone through this “test.” Ask them what they have included in their wedding oath, and what advice they can give and personal recipes for family happiness. Talk with your parents and grandparents – that’s who knows the secret of a real happy marriage because they lived together for so many years!

Talk to your couple’s couple’s best friend. Here he is – a man who knows your future husband well. It can be instrumental. Surely he remembers what his beloved said about you after a couple of first dates or before. Maybe there is some funny and sweet story that you have not heard. Also, as one of the close people for your couple, he will tell his opinion about you from the outside, which can also become part of the ceremony.

Write a letter to your beloved. The most versatile way to write a wedding vow. Just imagine that you are writing a letter to him from afar, and you need to express all your feelings so that he is imbued with them and feels like you are nearby. A love letter is hardly anything more romantic these days.

Tell me in an oath about the secret. Most likely, many of the guests do not know how you met or how they first confessed love to each other. This is an excellent theme for a wedding vow. You can pay attention to all the signs of fate or events foreshadowing the meeting, add some funny jokes, tell you how you felt at these moments.

Consider the uniqueness of your couple. Remember everything relevant to both of you. Your beloved does not like to get up early, while you are a born lark – swear periodically to make him breakfast in bed. However, this oath is suitable even if you are an owl. Or promise never to watch new episodes of your favorite series without him, also if he left for the North Pole, and “the series came out yesterday,” etc. Do not be afraid to cry or laugh while reading the oath. This is such a sensual moment that any of your emotions will be appropriate.

An example of an oath for a bride

The central love story is always yours. I swear to be your support in everything, to love you dearly and patiently guard our love, to speak when words are needed, and to remain silent when terms are not required. I agree to try carrot cake, live where your heart feels good, and consider it your home. I love you. You infuriate me more than is possible in principle, but I want to live with you every annoying minute. Listen to me, mister. You are my knight in shining armor. Don’t forget this.

My hero, the husband, is a friend! I appreciate you for not hiding your goodness – the most important wealth of our time! You give so much to people that it’s hard to imagine how you can pay in return.

I want to make you the happiest man in the universe and give you everything you want, and I believe that one day I will hear from you: “I have everything I want!”

Thank you for you. Thank you for your family and loved ones for making your life what it is today and improving it every day! Love you!

Example of an oath for the groom

It was a lot of multi-colored glass. If you put them together, you get a beautiful mosaic. We were as if created for each other. I felt it from the first moment when our eyes met. I lived in an empty house until she went in and filled him with happiness. It was worth taking her hand to help get out of the car, and I felt that a miracle had happened. Life will not be easy, but rather very difficult. I have to fight it every day, but I will fight because I need you! I want you to be with me, every moment, always. I want to say how much you hooked me; you changed me. With your love, you made me a real man, and for this, I am infinitely grateful to you. If you are ready to promise me something, then guarantee that even when you are saddened or not sure, or if you completely lose faith, you will try to look at yourself with my eyes. Thank you for becoming my wife. You became my whole life.

Every morning I wake up, and the only thing I want to see is your face. I love you from the moment I saw you, but I did not allow that feeling to heart until today. I always lived the next day, made decisions, guided by fear. Today, thanks to you, what I learned from you … I chose differently and changed my life, and I understood that if you do this, then you are breathing deeply. It doesn’t matter how much time you have: 5 minutes or 50 years, if not for you, if not for today, I would never have known what love is. So thank you for teaching me to love and be loved. I have one goal – to love you. Make you happy to enjoy every moment. Nothing more is needed.

A wedding present from sister

Congratulations to your sister on the wedding can sound in different styles: serious, romantic, comic – a lot depends on the relationship. Warm words look beautifully both in prose and in poetry, you can give a song of your composition. The main thing is that your congratulations on your sister’s wedding are sincere.

Congratulations between brothers and sisters in different families are different because relations from childhood have been developing in everyone’s way. Two sisters, especially with a small age difference, can be friends, shares the most intimate, and of course, talk about love. Therefore, an exciting gift will be the original congratulations on your sister’s wedding. For example, a video or photo collage about how an older / younger sister met her love, how the relationship developed, how romantic the dates were, and that it all ended in a wedding. The main thing is to take care of how the guests will see this movie line.

The ideal option is a large screen or projection panels. In separate shots, you can show how the bride, meeting with her future husband, hurried to meet him, gathered, did her hair, tried on a hundred clothes … An excellent ending to the film will be the original congratulations to the sister on the wedding, said right in the frame.

A brother can also give a similar film to his sister, from a male point of view, the humorous scenes will turn out to be more original and piquant.

Sister wedding speech

Dear, sister!

I want to congratulate you and your young spouse on this joyous occasion – a happy wedding day! I raise my glass so that in fifty years, we will all again gather in the same way at the wedding table to celebrate your golden wedding! I wish you pure love, good health, fidelity, prosperity, and understanding. Let only real friends always surround you and support you!

Today my sister opens with her husband a great book of a new, family life. On the first page – a funny inscription: a fun wedding. This beginning was so joyful, happy, and extraordinary – and I would like to raise a glass so that all subsequent pages-days are as beautiful and filled with warmth as today. Let each page of this book be a step towards wisdom, and wisdom leads to real, lasting family happiness. Bitterly!

My favorite sister!

 Today you and your only man have become lawful spouses – they voluntarily united their fates, allying love and fidelity. I congratulate both of you on this beautiful occasion and wish you well-being and happiness to your family. Try to preserve the gift of these first happy days and bring their romance, tenderness, and purity through the long years of their life together. After all, love can awaken all the best in the human soul, and it is it that makes our life always be joyful.

I drink for mutual understanding, trust in each other, and respect to become faithful companions of your life. Do not forget: only in your hands are the keys to family happiness. Try to store them carefully so as never to lose, because you will not be able to find a duplicate. Protect each other, and let nothing quench your love, destroy friendship and fidelity. For your joy and happiness! For a happy and extended family life! Bitterly!

Bridesmaids: Role on Wedding Day

Bridesmaids are honorable and not at all easy! Today we talk about what you should prepare for if you are chosen for this particular role.

A wedding is not only an event requiring a carefully structured organizational process but also a severe emotional test. Therefore, there are always friends next to us, among which the girlfriend of the bride and friend of the groom are the main characters. In our country, they are called witnesses, but under the influence of Western traditions, they gradually turned into a bridesmaid and best man. Along with this, they have new responsibilities! Today we would like to consider the role of the bridesmaid in preparing for the wedding and on the solemn day itself.

Before moving on to the extensive list of “unofficial” duties of the bridesmaid, you need to identify what her primary role is. Firstly, this, of course, is the presence in the registry office at the ceremony and the signature on the marriage certificate. Secondly, if you are planning a wedding, the bridesmaid may also be a witness at the ceremony.

Also to official duties include the organization of a bachelorette party. By the way, following the American tradition, the bridesmaid should not only organize a bachelorette party but also pay for all expenses associated with it. However, in our country, this is not necessary, since the tradition of the bachelorette party is entirely new. The most important thing is to check with the bride what she wants from her party! Accordingly, the organization of the bachelor party, in turn, is the responsibility of a friend of the groom.

The duties of the bridesmaid and friend of the groom also necessarily include presence at all pre-wedding events. You need to attend all pre-wedding parties, rehearsals, and other activities. Therefore, check with the bride in advance what dates should be taken on your calendar and whether help is needed in organizing these events. The bridesmaid is the chief assistant in organizing the wedding, but this does not mean at all that she should do everything herself. The main bridesmaid is not the one who takes care of all the pre-wedding tasks, but the one who knows how to distribute them among the other girls correctly. So, having received a long list of functions from the bride, hurry to delegate several powers to the other girlfriends.

Assistance in creating images of bridesmaids is also your responsibility – you need to choose the colors, styles, and where to buy or rent dresses for bridesmaids along with the bride.

In addition to all the points indicated, the bridesmaid is primarily the moral support of the bride, her adviser, and, if necessary, a refreshing voice of reason. In preparation for the wedding, the bridesmaid helps with the choice of dresses and shoes (from pleasant duties), and, for example, calls up guests to confirm their presence, helps with the selection of gifts for guests, goes to meetings with the photographer or florist, if the bride is in it needs.

If you have been chosen as the main bridesmaid, be prepared for hard work – this is not only fun parties and trips to salons in search of a dress but also daily practice to prepare for a special holiday. Be close to your girlfriend, help her and support her, she will be immensely grateful to you!