The main tips for the matron of honor speech for little sister’s wedding

tips for the matron of honor speech for little sister’s wedding

A speech of the sister of the bride might be complicated to produce and deliver. However, if you add a designation to the assignment, it might be even more difficult. At the wedding, it is important to showcase the relationships between sisters since marriage is supposed to happen once in a lifetime of sisters. Here are the tips for the sister to follow when getting prepared for the speech. 

Include funny memories from your childhood

Writing a good speech, you might go deeply at the past and recollect the most striking memories of you being kids. Remind about your dreams and wishes in those days. for instance, you might remind that fact you wanted to get married at the age of 28 and it happens. 

Tell about the ways you wanted to follow your sister

You might mention that you wanted to have the similar qualities as your sister had. For instance, you might mention that you have always wanted to be as smart and witty as your sister. 

Tell about your nicknames for each other

It might not always be your nicknames. for instance, it may be some of the secrets you shared with each other being kids or teenagers. You might mention that the dream of your sister was to marry a brunette man. (Of course, if it came true.)

Share with your early dating stories

Mention how your sister helped you in the darkest times and the way you supported her when her heart was broken. Tell all these stories of young relationships and the desire of you as a sister to see your sister is happy and will marry the Mr. Right.

Tell your testimony

Tell your testimony

Note that it should not be your testimony of your love story but your certain revelation, proving that this man she married is the only one suitable for her. Give your sister a proof from the above, supporting your sister in her choice.

Additional speech tips:

  • Don’t force yourself to be formal, sentimental, and funny which are not parts of your personality since it will sound awkward.
  • Don’t tell embarrassing stories even if they really are funny. Don’t humiliate your sister in front of your family and friends.
  • Concentrate mostly on your sister as a bride and her groom. 
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol when your speech is over. 
  • End your speech by raising your glass for the happiness of your sister and her husband.
  • if you have a special gift like singing or playing a musical instrument, you might use it. For instance, you might declare a poem about your sister and her groom.  

All things considered, it is strongly recommended to get prepared for the speech at your sister’s wedding since it might happen only once in her life. So be as sincere and creative as you can to present the most perfect speech!