Writing a speech for little sisters wedding

Writing a speech for little sisters wedding

Toasts – not a single wedding is complete without them because this is a unique opportunity for relatives and friends to say parting words and wish the newlyweds everything that the soul wishes during the holiday. Congratulations to the young family create that warm, sincere atmosphere that makes the wedding unique. But how to keep the middle ground, so that wedding toasts do not tire the guests, it was clear – who speaks the toast for whom and most importantly – what is it worth to wish that the toast was not banal, and remember?

Did you know that wedding toasts are far from spontaneous sayings when and to whom someone wanted to say something? There is a specific list of toasts, which indicates who and to whom the toast speaks. This list is designed for convenience so that a joyful event does not turn into a noisy booth. It is composed of the newlyweds, as a rule, after the approval of the guest list. Ideally, the toast list also contains a small eyeliner, which the presenter represents the guest. This may be some interesting detail, a fact from a biography or the history of acquaintance with the newlyweds. Firstly, this approach adds sincerity, and secondly, even if not all guests are familiar with each other, a little idea will help them at least get to know each other.

There are no strict rules for the sequence of toasts because a lot depends on the format of the wedding: someone throws a party for friends, and someone else’s wedding is a family celebration. But, as a rule, the first toast at the wedding is said by the parents, then the word passes to other relatives. Well, after the family toasts, friends and colleagues say. According to the scenario, this usually looks like this: In the first block, the toasts are told by the families of the bride and groom, and in the second block, friends.

Well, the most crucial question that arises for guests before the upcoming wedding: “What should I say and what should be the wedding toast”? The most important thing is sincerity. Do not use well-known poems or parables as a toast to everyone; this will most likely look too pathetic. A great option is to start the toast with a joke, it may be a small story from the life of young people that few people know, and yet the introduction should not be delayed for too long. The toast should be rather concise so as not to lose the attention of the newlyweds and other guests.

If your sister is getting married and you don’t know what to say, then we are ready to help, because the sister’s speech is crucial. After all, you are part of her soul.

How long should the wedding congratulations

The host can be a man-orchestra, but so that the wedding does not turn into a single-actor theater, you will have to share a microphone. An evening in which no one is left unheard of will further strengthen the existing friendly and family ties between those present.

Taking up a microphone, especially after a drunk glass, it is worth being delicate. Some topics for wedding speech are inappropriate by definition. Still, the wedding remains the union of two families, and there is no guarantee that they will feel like soul mates from the first day.

It’s better not to remind at the wedding that one of the guys is not the first marriage. We know that all happy families are equally excited but unhappy in their way. If one of the families has some difficult situation now or in the past – this is a taboo that is better not to touch upon.

If it is easier for a guest to learn speech, then let him teach, but, in my subjective opinion, then some element of sincerity and frankness will be lost. Therefore, I advise you not to memorize a long speech, but to fix some reference points, so that later you can peek at the leaflet and remember this storyline. Emotional expressions are most remembered when a sister or friends remember what kind of guys they were before, how they dreamed of finding their love, and how, in reality, everything turned out even better than in dreams.

Banal congratulations are when people wish happiness, health, and all these same words are addressed to the future. We need to talk not about the future but the past and present. After all, the guys have been together for quite some time, they were looking for each other on this planet and found. There is a lot to talk about, to recall some stories, cases from life: for example, how everyone met the guys just like a couple, where they first saw them together. Then the guests avoid the same speeches; because the past is very individual, each has its own story of meeting with the guys, their own emotions, and impressions of unusual occasions, trips, and pastimes.

In marketing, the standard for a successful presentation is considered “speech for the elevator” – a speech that should fit into the trip by elevator or in 30 seconds. It is believed that during this time, once in a confined space with talented people, you can manage to interest them in your project. For more creative people, a little more time is given. For example, an Oscar speech should not last more than 45 seconds, but the orchestra usually interrupts the talking winner only after a minute and a half. At a wedding, no one watches the duration of speeches with a stopwatch, but it’s better to realize that listening to a long address is not always easy. To say an interesting statement longer than a minute – it should be a story connected in a plot and not just congratulations.

Top Sister Wedding Greetings

Top Sister Wedding Greetings

Sister’s wedding day is undoubtedly a happy and touching event. How fast time flies! It was as if yesterday you and your sister were young children, divided into two failures and joys. Years passed; now, she is getting married. You, like all relatives, will be present at this celebration. And, of course, along with other speeches, congratulations to the sister’s wedding will be heard here. Such a compliment must be prepared in advance to be able to cope with emotions and express all your love to your sister on the day of the celebration.

  • Today I look at my older sister, and I can’t hold back my tears. Taka is a beautiful bride. So the day has come when you found a person whom you can trust your heart. I look at the groom and understand from his eyes that he does not need anyone except you, so I calmly let you go into his arms, although I am the youngest Setra, but as much as I worry about you. Do not forget that you vowed to support each other in grief and joy and wealth and poverty. Today a new family was born, you can create your traditions, but I ask you, sister, do not forget about our traditions, remember how we told each other secrets, I want it to be like this always so that you can still share your pain with me, and I will support no matter what! Take care of each other; everything is in your hands. I love both to the moon and back!
  • In life, there are those people who are the most expensive. So happy, my sister, you are the most comfortable for me. When you first saw me very young, your mother said that it was a sunny day. You promised to protect me, take care, love, share toys, feed. Now that I’m older, I want to thank you for being in the most challenging moments. You kept your word, to be honest, I’m not ready to let you into a new family, but I know that your husband will not offend you, so I’m not afraid. And when it is difficult for you, I am ready to become the eldest of the younger sets. Your husband is fortunate as I once was. I want your family to be healthy, create it so that no one can destroy it. Let it be as you dream; let your hearts burn with love! Now you do not need to be healthy, because you are under the protection of a better husband. Be a grateful and faithful wife, I believe in you! I love you.
  • We all gathered here to congratulate the most beautiful couple. Sister, you know how much I love you, and I wish you only the best. On this day, I want only one thing, so that your eyes glow from happiness all your life, to that gray hair, and your husband was as romantic as now. Remember that there is me nearby, our hearts are indivisible. Your family must be healthy, do everything for this!


  • You were invited to the wedding, you are the sister of the bride, but not everyone knows about this. Therefore, we recommend that before you start to speak, address all the guests, and introduce yourself to who you are and how you know the couple.
  • If you feel that the speech will be touching and you can cry, we recommend that you keep water with you so you can calm down and speak without trembling in your voice.
  • The celebration began, as the first relatives always say. This means that you don’t need to drink a lot at once because then you will not be able to say what you wanted and convey the whole essence of your words. Take care of yourself, first speak, and then rest, because it is essential to be heard on such a day.
  • If you have some fear, try talking to yourself, this will help to develop a speech, and you can state to the public without hesitation.
  • If you are not sure about the memory and it brings you down, prepare on the leaflet the main phrases that you want to say.
  • Your goal is to pay attention and listen to you. Therefore, be careful not to delay the speech; it should last a couple of minutes.
  • Before you tell exciting or funny stories from life, double-check them because it is essential to observe the line and not go too far in your accounts.
  • And the most important thing! When you speak – look at those whom you are addressing, it will be pleasant for them.