The best guide to writing and delivering wedding speeches for sisters

guide to writing and delivering wedding speeches for sisters

A Big Day

A wedding day is always a joyful and bright event. This big day is especially important when someone from the family gets married. So, it is not surprising that not only loving couples but also guests are preparing for this great day.

While some think about how to seat guests and plan the menu, others come up with wedding speeches. You will be especially listened to if you are a close friend or relative of the newlyweds.

The wedding speech of the bride’s sister creates a unique warm atmosphere at the celebration. We offer you to review some tips and examples of writing a touching and exciting speech for sister’s wedding. 

How to write a speech for sister’s wedding

Catch a wave

Relationships in families are not always perfect. However, this does not prevent them from being happy. As children, siblings often make fun of each other, argue, and sometimes even start fights. 

However, when children grow up, a closer and more reliable person than a sister is not found in the whole world. That is why it is necessary to choose the right words for greetings on the most important day.

To make the toast enjoyable, tune in to the right wave. Emotions on this day will be outrageous, and you will need to calm them down. 

Just write down everything you think, feel, and then choose the best and make a toast. To get acquainted with the atmosphere, you can look through old family albums or talk to parents.

Make your speech personal and unique

Every relationship between two sisters is always special. You are connected by many memories and shared moments. You rejoiced for each other when you achieved something and cried together when you failed.

And even when each of you went your own way, and life underwent many changes, one thing remained the same. This is unconditional sisterly love.

Remember all these moments – it will help to make a penetrating speech. Now take a pen and a notebook and write down all the essential thoughts. 

What you think is important will be valuable to your sister. However, avoid embarrassing stories. And on the wedding day, you will touch the most delicate strings of the soul of all present.

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Put your thoughts in the right structure

When writing a speech, it is crucial to consider your sister’s character. If she has a light, cheerful temper, give yourself more freedom in expression. You can even tease your sister a little. Sisters’ relationship you share with the audience will bring you closer.

If, for example, your older sister is getting married and she is more serious, focused, you should not exaggerate with humor.

Then you can tell about everyday memorable moments and childhood. Explain to all the guests why your sister is special, what you value most about her.

Then you can say kind words to the groom. Tell the audience what changes you saw in your sister when she began a romantic relationship with her fiancé, and how much happier she became.

Finally, express your sincere wishes to the bride and groom. If your words come from the heart, your wedding speech will definitely be a success, and everyone present will not be able to hold back happy tears.

4 wedding speech tips

Here are the best tips for writing and delivering the sister’s perfect wedding speech. 

  1. Don’t improvise. It may seem to you that you know your sister very well, so making a toast to her will not be such a difficult task. However, this may throw you a wobbly. Any public speech requires careful preparation. So be patient, take enough time, and dedicate it to writing a good speech.
  2. Practice, practice, and once again – practice. Do you think that you made a perfect toast and remember everything correctly? Reinsure. Read it aloud several times. Then repeat orally. And do it several times. Think at this point about how your sister will smile when she hears your words. 
  3. Wait with alcohol. This is not the best helper for you on this memorable day. Try to delay drinking until you make a toast.
  4. Speak sincerely. No one expects complex metaphors and excellent public speaking skills from you. Be yourself, because all your sister’s needs are to know that you are here and you are happy for her.

Sister of the bride speech sample

Sister of the bride speech sample

Good evening to all present! First of all, I want to thank everyone who came today to share this happy marriage with our family! We are much obliged to you for this!

For those who see me for the first time, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Angelica, and I am the sister of our beautiful bride.

My incredible sister gave me the title of the bride’s maid of honor. And it’s a great responsibility, so I’m still nervous. 

Dear Charlotte! I remember how happy I was when I heard the news from my parents that I would have a sister. Even at that time, I knew that I would have a best friend for the rest of my life. 

And I wasn’t wrong. You have always been my support in the most challenging times. And I know for sure that no one will be as happy for me as you! And today I am happier than ever for my younger sister and my brother in law!

I remember the day you called me and said you found … found what many people can’t find in a lifetime – true love. 

One person once told me that love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another person. I think this is a rarity in our world. And I think we should appreciate such a gift. 

Everyone around you can see your eyes shining today. You have found each other and join your souls. On this special day, I want to wish you that this light of boundless love always burns in your eyes. 

Love, support, listen, and enjoy each other! And I, in turn, will always be here – ready to lend a shoulder to your beautiful family. Dear Charlotte and Rob, I wish you a happy life!

Speech writing help

If you are a relative of the bride, you will have to give a speech. And all the eyes of those present will be fixed on you. You need to be prepared for this.

Not all people know how to write insightful public texts. So throw away all doubts and shame, and seek professional help. 

Our team will be happy to help you write a fantastic wedding speech. All you have to do is master your emotions at the celebration and give a speech.

Wedding toast as the best greeting

Seeing your sister happy at a wedding is a lovely and memorable moment in life. And to be a part of the celebration is a great honor. 

You have mixed feelings – joy for your sister and a little sadness that she goes to another family. But she needs your support and kind words (it doesn’t matter if you are a big sister or a younger one).

So write a sweetly-worded sister wedding speech and greet your sister with it. 

What speech questions can the bride’s sister have?

What do you say at your sister’s wedding?

All you have to do is be yourself at your sister’s wedding. At home, you sit in a comfortable chair, take a laptop or notebook and write down all the warmest things that come to mind when you think of your sister. And at the wedding, you will give an excellent speech with sincere wishes to the young couple.

How do you write a sister of the bride speech?

Refresh your memory of all the best memories of your sister. And reproduce them on paper. Add to the text thanks to the guests for their presence and honest wishes to the happy newlyweds – and your wedding speech is ready!

How do you congratulate your sister on her wedding?

The best greeting for your sister will be the sincere words that you say from the heart. Wish the couple a happy marriage, mutual understanding, and support.

What can I write about my sister?

You can write anything you think is appropriate. What your sister will appreciate and understand and what will lift her spirits on the most important day. It can be inspiring quotes, touching memories, or a list of her accomplishments – it’s up to you.